Internet Stats – What Happens Every Second Online

Did you ever want to know what happens in a single second on the internet? Through the infographic below and the stats provided by, now you will!

In any given second on the internet, the following is taking place:

  • 10,407 Tweets are being sent out through Twitter
  • 2,881 photos are being uploaded to Instagram
  • 2,319 new posts are being published to Tumblr
  • 1,912 Skype calls are being made
  • 30,650 GB of internet traffic is taking place
  • 51,232 Google searches are being made
  • 110,265 YouTube videos are being watched
  • 2,437,859 emails are being sent through the world

Looking at the internet as a whole, we also have these mind-blowing numbers to share.

  • There are currently over 3.2 billion users across the internet throughout the world… and this number is growing rapidly per second!
  • We are quickly approaching the 1 billion website mark on the internet once again. This number was previously hit back in 2014, but was lowered due to the state of inactive sites on the internet.
  • There are currently over 3.5 billion searches that take place on Google every day.

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Every Second on the Internet

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